Summer Institute: Bringing Ag Education to the Classroom

Picking Carrots

Summer Institute: Bringing Ag Education to the Classroom

Agriculture was front and center for one week in July when over 30 teachers came together for our Summer Institute course. Teachers participating in the course have a special interest in bringing the real story of food and agriculture to their students in the classroom. Led by instructor Joe Massie, teachers are given the full agriculture experience in one short week, which is packed with farm tours around the Fraser Valley, presentations from industry specialists, and lots of delicious, fresh BC food, prepared by our own Chef Randle


Harvesting carrots at Canadian Farms

Highlights of the week included a visit to Rosegate Dairy, Gravis Greenhouse, Sardis School Farm, as well as a bus tour of the Sumas farmland led by Farmer Bill Zylmans from W&A Farms. The participants also had a chance to learn kitchen skills under the direction of Chef Randle, who instructed them on bread making, deboning salmon, and making salad dressing from scratch. 

It was a full week of agricultural learning, and teachers left the course eager to bring what they had learned back to their classrooms in September. 


Chef Randle demonstrates how make salad dressing from scratch


Ripe red peppers at Gravis Greenhouse


Jacob Kerkhoff giving a tour of the greenhouse


Michel Benoit from BC Turkey Growers Association presents to the group


Executive Director Pat Tonn at the Pencil Patch


Visiting the goats at the Pencil Patch 


Harvesting Spuds in Tubs at the Pencil Patch


Visiting the calves at Rosegate Dairy Farm


Jared Dejong gives a tour of the dairy farm 


Learning about beekeeping at Sardis School Farm in Chilliwack


Joe Massie tours the group through the Farm School