Volunteer Opportunities

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation (BCAITC) has exciting volunteer opportunities available year-round. Are you interested in volunteering and giving back to the organization? See available volunteer opportunities below.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

2020/2021 Pencil Patch Volunteers

Are you looking for an opportunity to get outside and put your gardening and teaching skills to good use? If so, we are looking for you to lead K-12 tours of BCAITC’S Pencil Patch garden in Abbotsford. Please contact Jessica Birchall for more information.

2021 Spuds in Tubs Volunteers

Are you seeking an opportunity to get outside and give back to BCAITC? Help with the packing and organization of the Spuds in Tubs program in early spring 2021. Contact Glenda Johnston for more information.

2021/2022 Board Members

Are you looking for a unique leadership opportunity? Are you committed to promoting agriculture literacy? If so, we are looking for leaders like you to join our BCAITC Board of Directors. Our volunteer Board of Directors includes three members at large, as well as representatives from each sector of the agriculture industry: farmer/producer, agri-food business, education, and health.

We are looking for people who:

  • Can attend 10 board meetings annually.
  • Can advocate for BCAITC’s needs in the community.
  • Be interested in student agriculture literacy and non-profit governance.

If you are interested in being considered for our board, please contact Pat Tonn for more information.