“Mommy, Did You Know Cooking is Science?" - By Holly Johnson

“Mommy, Did You Know Cooking is Science?"

“Mommy, Did You Know Cooking is Science?" - By Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson



Holly Johnson - Teacher Ambassador, Okanagan

Holly is an elementary teacher in the Kelowna School District who believes that everyone has at least one tie to agriculture! She is passionate about farming and food and would like to help teachers in the Okanagan connect with the diverse local agriculture in the region. Holly endeavours to spark interest in agriculture with her students, and has participated in the Spuds in Tubs program to help bring the subject to life. She has presented at several professional development days and enjoys sharing her agriculture knowledge with students and teachers. Holly enjoys spin classes, good coffee, and playing with her kids.

“Mommy, Did You Know Cooking is Science?"

This is the question my kindergartener asked me on his second week of school. I was surprised as I figured his questions would be more along the lines of something related to illness, the pandemic, or not touching other kids. Like many parents, I had been feeling the weight of school starting and the constant wondering if I had made the right decisions for our family.

As the year began, I accepted that the 2020-2021 school year would be different - no pumpkin patch field trips, no getting to visit the classroom on dress-up days, no team sports. But when the first day came, I loosened my grip and sent my kindergartener into the very capable hands of his teacher.

His teacher, is the same now, as years before. She loves and cares for her students. She is pouring her all out for her little people, on who she is making the biggest impression. They are loving school because of her efforts.

Not only is she making her classroom safe, but in the midst of endless protocols and guidelines she is helping them learn about BC agriculture. They sampled different varieties of apples and voted on their favourite kind (Fuji), made applesauce (science!), and read stories about apple picking.

Mommy Did You Know Cooking is Science

Then, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my kindergartener brought home an apple pie. He peeled and cut the BC apples, rolled out the crust, sprinkled them with cinnamon and a spice that “started with A” (allspice), and added decorations. It was a beautiful and delicious pie. He now has a memory that will stick with him forever because it addressed all his senses. Thanks to his teacher he now has this wonderful connection with apples, and he knows they are grown right here in our backyard. I am so thankful to all the teachers and school staff who are providing safe spaces for our students this year.

I am so thankful that teachers are continuing to work hard to bring BC agriculture into the classroom for our students, and that meaningful connections are being cultivated! I am so thankful my kindergartener knows that cooking is science and that the best cooking involves BC products.

If you need more information about BC agriculture, visit the BCAITC resource page here for lesson plans and resources.