Spotlight Series on Eggs

Food Studies
Sustainable Agriculture

The Spotlight Series on Eggs is a multi-faceted tool that includes the following resources:

  • Educational Video: Students can tour a BC egg farm and learn from this video what it takes to produce 84 million dozen eggs in the province annually.
  • Activity: This curriculum-linked egg-citing matching game activity, coloring activity Journey of a BC Egg, interdisciplinary lesson plan for K-3 All About Eggs, informative posters What do Hens Eat and Name That Chicken and Fresh Story Eggs Primary and Intermediate accompanies the video about the egg story from farm to kitchen.
  • Recipe: Culinary Arts students will experiment with egg recipe ideas and be provided with this new tasty Vietnamese Egg Meatloaf recipe to explore recipes from a variety of cultures.
  • Grow BC: Students can explore Grow BC, an interactive GIS resource, to learn the story of eggs. From where and how eggs are produced, to how they are used, this resource provides straightforward integration into class curriculum.