BC Farm Q & A - Quik's Farm

BC Farm Q & A - Quik's Farm

BC Farm Q & A - Quik's Farm

Our latest feature in our BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation (BCAITC) BC Farm Q and A Series spotlights Quik’s Farm Ltd., an innovative floral grower operation in Chilliwack, BC. Learn about this multi-faceted business and its team’s passion for blooms.

Quik's Farm


Quik’s Farm is a floral growers operation that serves a diverse Canada-wide clientele of floral wholesalers, flower distributors, and retailers. The business is focused on high quality and exclusive varieties of fresh cut flowers. The company prides itself on its excellent grower direct relationships - essential to providing their clients with the best of the best in flowers!

The farm currently produces flowers from nearly 25 acres of state of the art glass greenhouse space and 25 acres of outdoor field space in Chilliwack. Quik’s Farm grows bulk fresh cut flowers – including such varieties as Spraymums, Santinis, Disbuds, Asiatic/Hybrid Lily, Oriental Lily, and Alstroemeria – in the greenhouse; these flowers are available throughout the year. Outdoor grown products such as Celosia, Hybrid Lilies, Kale, and Sunflowers are available seasonally.

Quik's Farm

Quik’s flowers are grown with sustainable technologies and an eye for the environment. The farm optimizes efficiency and production capacity by introducing modern technologies. Quik’s greenhouse facilities utilize the most advanced planting and harvesting equipment, modern climate control and fertilizer application systems, and in-house cutting production and propagation facility to provide Quik’s plants with the best growing conditions.

Quik's Farm

The farm offers full service, consumer-ready branded floral products for wholesalers and retailers. From a full line of everyday bouquets and arrangements, to specialty holiday programs, they have a wide variety of price ranges, styles, lot sizes, packaging, and delivery options to choose from. To differentiate retailers in the marketplace, Quik’s design team works in close connection with clients, to develop a line of products which are unique to their brand and target market. Quik’s Farm also offers a private label program to retailers that prefer an exclusive brand in the marketplace.

Quik’s Farm is a close-knit family business. The farm was originally started by Harry and Lydie Quik in 1990 as a seasonal potato and cedar hedging grower; the company gradually introduced a cut flower program and now focusses on year-round cut flower production. In 2005, son Andries officially joined the company as Head Grower. In 2010, son Leo took on the role of Sales and Logistics Manager. Son Corne joined the company in 2014 and is now the Operations Manager for Value Added and Outdoor Programs. The company now employs close to 150 staff at peak times and is a major employer in Chilliwack and surrounding region.

Quik Farm’s motto is ‘Flowers with Impact’ and the company more than delivers on this statement! The farm team’s passion for floriculture, coupled with best in consumer-ready cut flower bouquets and arrangements and unparalleled distribution logistics make the company a success in its field.

Quik's Farm

Q&A with Leo Quik, Sales and Logistics Manager at Quik’s Farm

Q: What are the most popular flowers that you sell and why? A: The most popular flower is our Spray Chrysanthemums. They are the biggest crop by stem quantity and acreage. This is due to the fact they are a staple in almost all our bouquet programs, and also a staple item for bulk sales.

Q: What part of your business is growing the most and why? A: Our bouquet department is growing significantly every year. Establishing stronger relationships with large retailers that are looking for consistency in quality and supply has been very beneficial in building the business year over year.

Q: What is your busiest time of the year and why? A: Spring, summer, and early fall are our busiest times of year. Our busy times follow closely along with high demand for our products in the floral industry. Spring is generally always busy with people looking to buy flowers for key events such as Easter and Mother’s Day but also everyday sales are strong in spring as residential gardens are not yet producing flowers and farmers market stands are not yet open. Summer is our highest production time from our own growing space and also the best time of year to market local field flowers in large quantities and competitive pricing.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your business? A: Hiring staff in the right positions to fill demands. The labour market is very tight when it comes to filling positions from production all the way up to sales and customer service. Fortunately we have a good group of dedicated staff and foreign workers that bears the brunt of the workload and we have a full time HR department that takes care of staffing needs for the company but also works hard on building employee engagement.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your business? A: Bringing flowers and joy to thousands of homes and business daily across Canada. Equally as rewarding is working with a team of people that work together for a common goal!

Q: How has the flower industry evolved in the past 30 years? A: Retailers have developed relationships directly with producers. This has been critical to shorten communication lines and build win-win relationships that brings better value for producers and consumers.

Q: What industry publications do you read/follow to learn more about floriculture and business? A: Daily reading of FloralDaily and HortiDaily.

Q: What conferences do you attend to learn about farming and floriculture? A: Prior to COVID-19, members of our management team would travel to key events throughout the year all over the world to stay in touch with new varieties, evolving trends, innovation, and the latest technologies.

Q: What advice do you have for young agriculture entrepreneurs? A: Get involved while you are young, learn the ropes from the ground up, and don’t be afraid to work hard. Agriculture is a rewarding lifestyle and offers an incredibly diverse set of opportunities as careers.

Q: What is new and exciting with your business? A: Logistical challenges and costs has forced an out of the box approach to logistics. Wherever there is an opportunity to be more vertically integrated, such as better ownership of the supply chain, those are things we are not afraid to invest into.

Q: Which are the top 3 soft skills do you think are essential to be a successful flower farm owner?  A: • Flexibility and Adaptability • Leadership and Management •  Stress Management

Do you want to learn more about Quik’s Farm? Visit https://quikfarm.ca or find the farm on Instagram or Facebook.

Quik's Farm

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